New Skincare Faves

Being 32,ive started to get SERIOUS about my face. Im now constantly looking in the mirror and examining my face on a daily basis. Water now is my best friend and im trying my damndest to drink 2L daily.  Ive now realised also that high street skincare brands aint cutting it for me anymore. Its … More New Skincare Faves

Oscars 2017

To say i was starved for fashion on this years Oscar red carpet was an understatement. Kirsten Dunst did blow me away as did Taraji P.Henson. Emma Stone brought a bit of old school hollywood glam but i wasnt blown away by any stretch of the imagination.  I loved the interaction between Pharrell and Taraji … More Oscars 2017

GooGoo For Gaga (Breaking Down My Fave Album Tracks)

After witnessing one of the GREATEST sporting comebacks of ALL TIME on sunday last and then witnessing Lady Gaga deliver one of the most exciting and most captivating SuperBowl Halftime performance since Beyonce’s show stomper a few years back,she has inspired me to write a post, dedicated to her fantastic talent as a pop songwriting … More GooGoo For Gaga (Breaking Down My Fave Album Tracks)


Im not here to wax lyrical about “new year,new me”. The way i see it is,if i liked the person i was last year,im not gonna change the person i am this year. Same old same old i say! I am here to talk about motivation. After a good few years of enjoying tough,gym classes … More Motivation